7 Instant Benefits Caring Cleanser

7 Instant Benefits Caring Cleanser The Lavender Rooms Cleansing is a huge step in your skin-care routine, this is essential to remove all impurities: sebum, dead skin cells, sunscreen and make-up. Secondly this creates a base for your moisturiser to work even better. The Bi-phase cleanser is perfect for all skin types and positively leaves your skin feeling new and refreshed!💁

With all this glorious weather were having our skin at the moment is feeling a little dehydrated, even though we are drinking 2 litres of water everyday 😉 We need that extra special boost. Now you can get that from your cleanser, it’s powered by the best scientific blend of virgin botanical oils & precious floral water which include blueberry, peppermint and witch hazel.     🌺

Bi-phase caring cleanser & make up remover has 7 benefits-

💜 Cleanses

💜 Removes make up even waterproof mascara

💜 Refreshes

💜 Softens

💜 Plumps

💜 Soothes even sensitive skin

💜 Boost radiance

Declèor are having a summer sale on Aroma cleanse and body basics, don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy the super size 400ml of your Decleor Favourites!

How to get started:

In the morning 🌅

*shake to wake it*

In the shower, apply to dry skin, gently massage your face, neck & decollette and rinse off with water 💦

At night 🌃

Apply to dry skin on a cotton pad to dissolve away make up and remove impurities.

Follow with your Decléor serum of choice and moisturiser.

Happy cleansing

Rebecca 👱🏻‍♀️💜


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