Aroma Svelt Body Refining & Firming Oil

Who has over indulged in summer cocktails, BBQs and lots of alfresco dining???

We all most certainly have and are thinking that we need to get fully focused on getting into our little black dress for Christmas now, especially because our Christmas stock has now arrived!

The products that will work beautifully alongside our healthy change in diet and commitment to the gym are…

❤ Aromessence Svelt Body Refining Oil Serum:

Clinically proven results driven body serum which is proven to reduce upper thighs by 1cm after 28 days of use. Designed to drain and decongest the body as well as stimulating collagen and elastin. Contains Grapefruit which is known to be an effective appetite suppressant and renowned for reducing the appearance of cellulite and Geranium to stimulate collagen’s 1,3,4 & 7.

❤ Aroma Svelt Body Firming Oil in Cream:

Perfect to firm and tone and working on anti-ageing. The perfect partner in crime to Aromessence Svelt. Contains micro droplets of oil which literally melt into the skin. Contains Marjoram to release those unwanted toxins and Brown flaxseed to tighten, sculpt and firm. This luxurious moisturiser cocoons my skin in a veil of moisture and is clinically proven to increase the tonicity of the skin by 37%.

Aroma Svelt Body Refining & Firming Oil The Lavender Rooms

This luxury product will give us a boost, detox and encourage us to stay on track.

Let’s get started, Christmas here we come!!

Rebecca 👱🏻‍♀️💜🌺



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