Bridal Beauty Regime

Bridal Beauty Regime The Lavender Rooms

As some of you may know, on Saturday 5th June I married my sweetheart. We tied the knot on the beach at Port Grat, Vale. It was a beautiful day with all our family and friends. We were very lucky with the weather, it felt like we were somewhere far away but it was glorious ol’ Guernsey.

My husband and I, (still strange mentioning my husband!) are thankful we have finished all the planning and can now relax into married life and the summer!

I thought I’d share with you my beauty preparations that I meticulously booked in advance in order to have my skin, lashes and nails looking their best.

I must start by saying, a few months before the wedding I purchased hair, skin and nail vitamins. Just to give everything a boost making sure I was getting all the vitamins and minerals in my diet. They normally take 6-8 weeks to really start working, so be patient.

Two months before I started having a CACI Ultimate Facial, it is a combination of skin and  muscle work that gives it a thorough clean and lift! The facial is 90 minutes which allows you time to relax. As far as facials go this is the ultimate (hence the name). The treatment begins with the ultrasonic peeling and orbital microdermabrasion, which exfoliates the skin leaving it brighter and smoother. The wrinkle comb plumps fine lines and wrinkles. The micro-current LED technology light therapy is incorporated throughout – this penetrates deep into the skin stimulating the collagen and elastin, helping to tone and lift the facial muscles. Finishing off with a soothing Rose and Hylauronic mask, which deeply nourishes and hydrates. Combined with micro-current rollers, this aids drainage and restores firmness. Great for a special occasion and brides to be!

I then made sure I was having the CACI Synergy Lifting Facial every week before the big day, helping to lift those cheekbones and say ‘bye bye’ to that double chin! I find not only did it firm my facial muscles but improved the skin texture revealing a smoother, brighter  and more even complexion.

It was then important to carry on the benefits from the facials at home. Ensuring I cleansed and toned in the morning and evening, accompanied with the relevant serum and moisturiser that I felt my skin needed at that time. For that extra glow factor twice a week I was exfoliating and using a mask – my absolute favourite is the ‘Green Mandarine Scrub Mask’ the smell of the Green Mandarine essential oil is so uplifting! Apricot oils nourish, while the zests and sugars exfoliate the skin. I left on for 2-3 minutes then massaged before rinsing, I used a serum and moisturiser straight after for optimal effects.

A massage was definitely good to have in the mist of all the planning and chaos. I would recommend the Aromatherapy Body Massage to detox and relax you working on tightness and tension. It is a great way of increasing circulation, to help with water retention and cellulite. If you’re looking for more of a luxurious pamper the, Decleor Body Wraps are the ultimate treat, they include; Citrus Energy Boost, Lemon and Mango Firm & Tone or Vanilla and Ylang Ylang Hydration, which all include a full body exfoliation, massage and mask.

With my special day getting closer, it was time for getting lashes lifted to give me more of  an open eye look and give the appearance of longer lashes. During the LVL treatment, which stands for Lift, Volume & Length, we tint your lashes so you look like you’re wearing mascara (which saves the panda eyes).I did this the week of my wedding. NB: if you haven’t had this treatment before, we do require a patch test 24hours before your treatment.

“May your lashes be long and your coffee strong!”

Don’t forget about the all important wax! I had my wax booked two-three days before. For you, whether that’s legs, underarms, forearms, bikini/brazilian/hollywood. Allowing those extra days will allow the skin to calm down and if any irration does occur use an aloe vera gel. If you are new to waxing come in four to six weeks before to have your first one, this will make sure the re-growth will be finer and less volume making it easier to wax and for a smoother result.

Nails; I had a classic manicure and pedicure four/five weeks before the wedding to ensure my nails were in tip top shape. At home I kept them hydrated by applying oils to the cuticles to stop the nails getting brittle and hand cream, maybe something thicker for feet to stop them drying out. For your fingers and toes,  I would consider shellac, as the long-lasting properties will have them looking freshly painted for up to two weeks. Great if you have your honeymoon planned straight afterwards! Mine lasted until our last day in sark! Make an appointment one to three days before your big day!

The night before don’t use anything different on your skin, you don’t want to rock the boat. Have plenty of rest and water, wake up and enjoy every single minute!

All the best,

Rebecca Atkinson xxx

Bridal Beauty Regime The Lavender Rooms

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