Has hot wax become fashionable again?

It seems for the past couple of decades many salons have been using warm wax to remove hairs from intimate areas. Although this works, it is by far a more comfortable treatment and less painful to have hot wax!

Hot wax has many benefits, for example if works really well on coarse, strong, shorter hairs and more sensitive areas. Hot wax can be used on lip, chin, face, underarms, and intimate areas.

How is this different to warm wax?

The difference is warm wax is taken off with a strip and best used on larger areas like legs, arms and back. Hot wax is made up from plastics which harden when it’s cooled on the skin, the wax then contracts around the hairs, gripping them tightly. The wax remains on the skin until it becomes soft and peelable and is then pulled off the skin with a fast movement.

We are excited to be furthering our knowledge of hot wax with Sam Marshall, The Beauty Guru, who has been practising intimate waxing since 1999. She learnt her technique in Sydney Australia, brought it to Manchester in 2004 and has been educating therapists ever since. At The Lavender Rooms, we always strive to build on our skills in order to provide the best beauty treatments on the island.

If you’re interested in hot wax just give us a call, or email to book your next appointment.

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