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Why should I exfoliate?

We all dream of smooth, glowing skin, and exfoliations are an easy way to getting the results you have always wanted! Two products that Decléor have recently released are going to give you that glow factor! They are a mechanical exfoliator and a chemical peel but do you know the benefits of using them and…
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Our Top 5 Hero Products!

Discover our 5 star 🌟 products powered by essential oils. ANTIDOTE HYALURONIC ACID SERUM This serum is for every skin type 97% natural serum with HYALURONIC ACID and ESSENTIAL OILS. Your daily skin strengthener. NEROLI BIGARADE NIGHT BALM Night cream for Dehydration skin This invigorating and nourishing balm works at night when skin is most…
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🎄 Merry Christmas 🎄

We would like to wish all our lovely clients, past and present a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! ...After an exciting 2019, there’s so much more to come in 2020! With Decléors new, eco-friendly, organic range of products and our beautiful, recently renovated interior, we’re welcoming the new year in style. Just as…
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Welcoming you to our brand new salon!

Twelve years ago the island was in desperate need of pampering! Believe it or not, the island only had a handful of Beauty Salons. What was a girl to do?! Sonya and Beckie took on the challenge, with their multiple years of experience they wanted to provide a warm and welcoming salon, with top quality…
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