Welcoming you into our brand new salon!

Twelve years ago the island was in desperate need of pampering! Believe it or not, the island only had a handful of Beauty Salons. What was a girl to do?! Sonya and Beckie took on the challenge, with their multiple years of experience they wanted to provide a warm and welcoming salon, with top quality products. That is when The Lavender rooms was established!

In the months and years after opening their doors to the island, the girls adopted a fabulous team of therapists, and grew a loyal client base. But with the girls not content with standing still, the time had come for a spruce up!

So on the 4th November 2019, after months of planning and lots of hard work, the girls opened The Lavender Rooms doors to the island once again. The new salon has a sense of brightness and light while retaining the comforting atmosphere  you’re so used to. We know all of our clients treat the salon as a second home, so we can’t wait to open our (new) doors to you!

This has to be the most exciting blog I have written to date… I’m so proud of Sonya, Beckie, and all of the girls who I work with who make up this unique Salon. As I’m sure you’ll agree, you can put new furniture into a room, but it’s the people who fill it ❤️

Rebecca 💜